Wildwood launched a new line of furniture, lighting and home décor with Denise McGaha at High Point’s spring market. The Dallas-based designer shares Wildwood’s appreciation for heritage craftsmanship. When creating this series, she was deeply influenced by time spent at her ranch and her love of the outdoors. “My family’s Texas ranch has served as […]

Dallas-based designer DENISE MCGAHA has partnered with WILDWOOD on a new collection of lighting, furniture and home decor. With an appreciation for heritage craftsmanship, McGaha’s designs encompass simplicity and strength, raw materials and refined finishes, and a balance of contemporary living with the reinvention of traditional style. Perhaps the most important part of the collection […]

Denise McGaha x Wildwood There is a grounding simplicity to Denise McGaha’s vast collection of lighting, furniture, and decor for Wildwood, undoubtedly influenced by tranquil, introspective days spent on her Texas ranch. But there is an undercurrent of boldness too, which manifests in striking silhouettes. Consider the walnut and shagreen leather Harper console, the subtly Art […]

The Denise McGaha collection for Wildwood includes lighting, furniture and decor. Wildwood has partnered with Dallas-based interior designer Denise McGaha on a new collection of lighting, furniture and home decor. The relationship was a natural fit — two families of multi-generational creators collaborating on legacy furnishings. An appreciation for heritage craftsmanship was at the forefront of […]

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