Grounded Luxury

Elegant and dynamic, Denise McGaha designs spaces imbued with grounded luxury. Her collection for Wildwood possesses simplicity and strength to elevate the heritage brand with design-forward thinking. Raw materials and refined finishes balance the needs of contemporary living with the glamour of classic style. Pulling from a century of design inspiration, Denise’s designs for Wildwood are an alchemy of art deco, mid-century, and relaxed modern. Grounded in a kinship with nature, along with a respect for time-honored craftsmanship, a penchant for rule-breaking amplifies her original designs. You see this in juxtapositions of layered materials and in hand-crafted, fearless silhouettes that are striking from every angle. The visual weight of her pieces make a statement in any space. Leading with warmth, soul, and an eye toward livability, Denise McGaha for Wildwood is a collection for the ages. 

About Denise McGaha

Well-known for her eponymous interior design firm, Denise McGaha has been reinventing traditional style for over two decades. 

Her unique design perspective is grounded in a love of the earth and  accentuated by a deep understanding  of color and pattern. Her enduring interior designs range from sanctuary-like respites to invigorating family spaces, consistently delivering style, comfort, and a foundation for a well-lived life.  

Denise’s knack for balancing style and luxury with real-life solutions has become her signature. Modern-day lifestyles call for versatile spaces that work equally well for formal gatherings and relaxed Saturdays with family. She brings the same sensibility and care to her collection for Wildwood.  

“As a working designer, creating a collection for Wildwood that provides the scale, design, and customization options I need for our projects was my first priority,” says Denise. “I am so excited to share these designs with our community as I feel they will fit the bill in so many beautiful homes!”  

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