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Explore our Shiga collection: Created in collaboration with Shigaraki artisans, each piece reflects our commitment to blending ancient techniques with modern design, continuing Wildwood’s legacy of unique, handcrafted artistry and paving the way for future global explorations.



Rediscover Woven: Crafted for serenity, this collection features natural elements inspired by the earth, showcasing refined textures and organic materials. With a focus on neutral tones, woven rattan, brushed gold, and terracotta, each piece radiates a light, organic essence, creating a peaceful and inviting space.


Introducing Curve: Where sleek, contemporary shapes meet the ease of free-flowing design. This refreshed collection elevates your space with organic movement and modern silhouettes, from bell-shaped lighting to globe accents. The interplay of contrast and soft textures adds depth, crafting a tranquil yet distinctly modern atmosphere.


Redefining Heritage: Our collection that embodies a handsome aesthetic, inspired by the timeless elegance of traditional spaces. This updated series pays tribute to classic design, artfully reimagined for the contemporary setting. Delve into a world where rich materials, lasting designs, and defined silhouettes merge to create an atmosphere of enduring style.

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